JSN Boot has incredibly beautiful clean design with ultra flexible layout built-up from 37+ module positions. The combination of 4 colors variation, 5 menu styles and 9 module styles results in a really remarkable website. In addition, super rich typography makes your content look stunning and clear for all users.


37+ module positions allowing you to have multiple layout configurations. All module positions are collapsible and can arrange modules in horizontal or vertical layout.

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Color Variations

4 major color variations for your taste. Each color variation covers not only the main background, but also color of drop-down menu, links, table's header and more.

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Menu Styles

5 menu styles to display your website navigation on multiple positions. The built-in menu module is utilized, so you don't need to install any external menu modules.

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Super rich typography ready for the most comprehensive content presentation. Headings, text, links, tables, images, everything was designed with high level of refinement.

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Module Styles

JSN Boot provides 9 background designs, which can be combined with 20 predefined icons for outstading module styling. Make your modules look good easily!

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Font Styles

3 font face options for major website types and 3 font size options for major audience. Each font face option is a combination of 2 font types, which looks stunning..

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